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Where To Find The Best Food in Miamifeatured

I have to be honest when I write this and say that I have really mixed feelings about Miami.  I have been there multiple times now but somehow never on my own accord, which possibly has something to do with it.  I’ve gone for a 40th birthday, a bachelorette party, for work probably three or Read more


Where To Find The Best Food in Los Angelesfeatured

Los Angeles versus New York. It’s a tale of two cities that will likely never go away. The residents of each emphatically defend why they believe their coast is the best coast, New Yorkers mocking LA for all of its traffic and driving, Californians scoffing at Manhattan’s crowds and so-called intensity. I personally am pretty Read more


Where To Find The Best Food in Montrealfeatured

  Montreal, I thought you were completely and utterly great. You exceeded my expectations on so many levels and I can’t wait until we meet again. Montreal is super easy to navigate, full of incredibly genuine and friendly people, and has multiple cool neighborhoods in which to explore. It is also a ridiculously great food Read more


Where To Find The Best Food in Nashvillefeatured

Two nights, two days.  The food list needed to be well-thought out, well in advance.  Step one; make a reservation 30 days out at Catbird Seat.  Step two; make a reservation 30 days out at Husk Nashville.  Step three; let all the other decisions fall into place around that.   The Catbird Seat There are just 20 Read more


Where To Find The Best Food in San Franciscofeatured

San Francisco has a lot to offer; wander The Mission for tacos, tattoos and nightlife, The Marina for bros, boutiques and boats, Pacific Heights for views and fancy Victorian homes, Outer Sunset for surf, shops and sunsets.  The restaurant scene is just as varied.  My favorites are below. Al’s Place, Cala. Outerlands, Tartine Manufactory, Petit Read more


Gun Show.featured

  When good looking food casually rolls by you on large wooden carts by good looking, plaid shirt wearing waiters, could you say no? This is the tactic in Atlanta’s Gun Show, an establishment as manly and extroverted as the name sounds.  They swing past, pitch what they’ve got, which is everything from bacon egg Read more


Where To Find The Best Food in Portlandfeatured

A weekend getaway to Portland, Maine.  Hashtag – #wecametoeat.  And, eat we did.   Lobster Shack Picnic tables and ocean views.  So simple, so good.  The lobster roll was delicious, and the whoopie pies I’d say bordered on absurd.  In a good way.  Go there, for sure. Street & Co Wandered in here on a Read more