Where To Find The Best Food in Miamifeatured

I have to be honest when I write this and say that I have really mixed feelings about Miami.  I have been there multiple times now but somehow never on my own accord, which possibly has something to do with it.  I’ve gone for a 40th birthday, a bachelorette party, for work probably three or Read more


Where To Find The Best Food in Los Angelesfeatured

Los Angeles versus New York. It’s a tale of two cities that will likely never go away. The residents of each emphatically defend why they believe their coast is the best coast, New Yorkers mocking LA for all of its traffic and driving, Californians scoffing at Manhattan’s crowds and so-called intensity. I personally am pretty Read more


Where To Find the Best Food In Krakowfeatured

Krakow is understated, charming and has an air of melancholy about it. You can feel the history pulsing through the small streets, decades after they were home to some of our history’s most extraordinary events. Though I was only here for two days, Krakow left an impression on me. The main areas to explore are Read more


Where To Find The Best Food In Tokyofeatured

8.6 million people reside in New York City. That number is estimated at 13.5 million for Tokyo. Yet this city, the largest in Japan, somehow feels incredibly organized, exudes a constant sense of welcoming warmth in nearly every way, has a palpable sense of pride in its food, dress, and design, and is clean enough Read more


Where To Find The Best Food in Lisbonfeatured

  I am overwhelmed with how much love I felt for the colorful, charismatic and endlessly charming city of Lisbon. I went for the first time in 2009 when I was 27, but discovered a whole new appreciation for what the “seven hills” had to offer this time around at 35. I don’t know if Read more


Where To Find The Best Food in Parisfeatured

Paris was a slow burner for me. It’s not that I disliked it early on, but it wasn’t a love at first sight kind of situation, like other places have been before. Each time I visit I find myself falling into it a little deeper though, and truly beginning to understand and believe the mantra Read more


Where To Find The Best Food in Uruguayfeatured

Uruguay. It’s understated, underrated, and completely under the radar, at least for those outside of South America. Uruguay is a total hidden gem, a country both simplistic and passionate at the same time. The land is one of wide beaches, green valleys, and thinly scattered palm trees. The food is colorful, creative and rich with Read more