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When good looking food casually rolls by you on large wooden carts by good looking, plaid shirt wearing waiters, could you say no? This is the tactic in Atlanta’s Gun Show, an establishment as manly and extroverted as the name sounds.  They swing past, pitch what they’ve got, which is everything from bacon egg and cheese risotto, to fresh, Georgian catfish, to old-fashioned banana pudding, and you say a fast “yes” or “no.”  Run by Top Chef Season 2’s Kevin Gillespie, who is all smiles and modesty, and moderated by a staff all with their own dishes and specialities, the result is a fun, experiential dining experience that has you talking and laughing and interacting the whole way through. And no two weeks are ever the same, either, so you’re free to go again and again and again….

Where: Glenwood Park. Atlanta. Georgia. When: Dinner. Website: Gun Show.



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