For my first holiday since moving back to New York, I decided to venture into Central America, an area of the world I had not yet been.  I wanted relatively cheap, relatively close, relatively untouched, and somewhere that would offer a good mix of mountains and beaches.  I looked into flights for an array of Read more


Rome : Italyfeatured

Though I would like to, I cannot actually take the credit for this food guide to Rome.  My friend Tara is the source, who produced this awesome must-eat list after she spent three years living and earning her Masters degree in this fascinating city.  I only pass along what I trust are first-class recos and I do trust Read more


Berlin, Germany.featured

In May 2012, I spent four weeks in Berlin.  I had been there several times before, but had never spent more than a few days at a time in the city.  With each visit it pulled me in more and more and I always left those short stints claiming that one day I’d go back Read more


Cuzco, Peru.featured

Though seeing Cuzco was definitely more site focused than food focused, we still found a few great spots to drop into along the way giving great reason to really explore all- and also lesser known- areas of this magical city.  Keep in mind this entry was very much done from a backpackers mindset; being on Read more


Lima, Peru.featured

The city with surprisingly excellent food or not so surprising to some I’ve learned, as apparently this is the culinary capital of South America. After several people had all extremely enthusiastically encouraged me to change my plans and do an extended layover in Lima en route to Bogota, I put my trust in them and Read more


Buenos Aires, Argentina.featured

2012 was the year that I mostly didn’t work.  Instead, during my transition from living in London back to living in New York, I traveled.  My first stop along this journey was in Buenos Aires, where I based myself for just over three weeks.  During this time I visited museums, I sipped coffee in cafes, Read more


New York, New York.featured

For me, this is New York City: Phase 2.  Or as I coined it when I first moved back this past August – “#rediscoveringnyc.”  With the amount of restaurants that this city sees move in and out of its high-energy, partially crazy and mostly beautiful streets, this whole process is a long one.  This is Read more


South Africa.featured

South Africa is incredible and is another country that is so far one of my top five favorite spots in the world. In one 12 day span I was able to go on safari where lions stood 20 feet away, visit a wine region that blew my mind and put a clearly well respected place like Read more



First and foremost, I should mention that Israel is in my Top 5 places that I have ever been. Coming up with a Top 5 list is incredibly difficult for me, but Israel is a definite and one I put there without hesitation. In 2011, for my great friend Colleen’s 30th birthday, we did as Read more


Barcelona, Spain.featured

I’ve been to Barcelona three times now – It’s the type of city that I think gets better each time you go, as you do less and less touristy things, and more and more wandering and exploring.  At first glance the city might be a bit hectic and loud, but it’s one whose charm and Read more