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Though I would like to, I cannot actually take the credit for this food guide to Rome.  My friend Tara is the source, who produced this awesome must-eat list after she spent three years living and earning her Masters degree in this fascinating city.  I only pass along what I trust are first-class recos and I do trust her Italian food opinions explicitly.

Photos are mine, as I was fortunate enough to spend a weekend there with her a couple of years ago and see it all for myself. Godere. E mangiare!


Aperitivo: This is Italian happy hour – usually you purchase a drink & there is a buffet of food. Settembrini in the area Prati  is nice as well as Gusto (a classic spot, big space, they do aperitivo in the wine bar area).

Trastevre is the most beautiful area of the city. Mostly restaurants and bars. You can great a great pizza at Dar Poeta, I also really like Della Scala, a bit touristy but great food, Da Augusto is a typical tratoria that can be a wait but it’s great – very typical – and cheap.

Monti is a small area close to the colosseo that is like the West Village of Rome. Le Tre Scalini is also a hot spot for aperitivo everyone hangouts outside in the street with drinks. Also not to miss is the Bottega Cafe in the center in Piaza della Madonna, and the ‘bohemian’ Liberia Cafe on Via Degli Zingari (closed Tues).

Other Restaurants:

Pierluigi – classic, excellent, pricy, in center on Via Giulia, outdoor seating, best for dinner

Babette – near Piazza del Popollo – modern Italian, great desserts, outdoor patio which is nice

Maccheroni– piazza del coppelie 44, just above the piazza navona, a very trendy and bustling place… open every day… but a very nice pasta.   and a good grilled steak over arugula… also good starter plates

Guilo passsami l’olio – via di monte giordano 28 – a very nice small wine bar close to the castle st. angelo… great selection of wine and good food also

Al Moro – classic style, good for meat, kinda NY style look & feel, around the corner from the Trevi fountain

Checchino dal 1887 –Typical Italian very good, quite rustic – you will have to take a cab here but its right across from a museum called MACRO (contemporary art) …  Via Monte Testaccio

Flavio al Velavevodetto one of my favorites – you need a taxi there – pasta dishes are great, as are the meats & fish. Tiramisu is REDIC – Affordable and outdoor terrance seating – you should make a reservation *also close to a contemporary museum called MACRO which is cool to check out!

Elle – on via Veneto – nice area,  poshy place – good for wine or eating at the bar and people watching!

Antico Arco – you should take a taxi to a neighborhood called Gianicolo (JAH- NI-CO-LO) here for dinner but make a rez…its very chic – kinda gastro-food really nice tastes and very cool vibe! Highly recommend the cacao e pepe here and all the meats dishes, AS WELL AS DOLCE!

Gealto – OLDBRIDGE is next to the Vatican wall & it’s amazing – don’t get fooled by all the other crap gelato stands around!!!

Salotto 42 – right in the center of town and great for an hip vibe aperitivo drink

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