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Though seeing Cuzco was definitely more site focused than food focused, we still found a few great spots to drop into along the way giving great reason to really explore all- and also lesser known- areas of this magical city.  Keep in mind this entry was very much done from a backpackers mindset; being on the road for quite sometime and missing food that resembled what was eaten back home.  For those in search for traditional Peruvian food, besides Inka Grill, this is probably not that list you’re in need of.


Stay: Periwana Hostel, off main Plaza

Jack’s Cafe – if any traveller is missing their food from back home, this is the place to go to. Not the best ambiance in the world, but the menu more than makes up for it.  Best for brunch/lunch.

Inka Grill – nicer feeling restaurant, more touristy, more pricey, but really good food. One of us had the trout which was delicious and the other the traditional Peruvian chicken dish.

Los Perros – chilled out vibe, good spot to sit in for hours and just relax.  Decorated with different artists paintings. Mixed menu with sandwiches, stir fries, burgers, etc.  Old school board games on the shelves for extra entertainment.

La Bodega 138 – great authentic feeling Italian restaurant, huge salads and delicious pizzas. They also start you off with a big spread of garlic breads, olives, and different dips.

Just wander around the city and enjoy … there is always an opportunity (or 100!) for a local massage too, if you want it!  Don’t miss twilight time of the day/night either, it’s well worth being sure you’re outside for it.

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