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I didn’t think to write anything about Parque Tayrona initially.  You go to this island in the midst of your Colombian travels to chill on the breathtaking untouched coast, and really, not much else.  There are three or four beaches around the circumference, lights out are at 8pm and you walk everywhere– it’s about an hour and a half heated trek just from the drop off point at the entrance to where you grab some tents or hammocks to crash in for the nights ahead.  The food is just as simple and actually just as beautiful, I’m reflecting back on now as a friend currently contemplates going.  The Tayrona food tour though– and I really do mean a tour in the truest sense of the word as the stops are woven through the wooded areas a few meters in from the sea- is really just as special as the park is.

1- Panaderia bakery- each day they serve piping hot fresh baked bread stuffed full with cheese, dulce de leche, or chocolate.  It’s a hole in the wall, nothing else.  2- an arepa stand and a cevicheria stand, fresh as it comes  3- whatever fish, rice and fried plantains are on offer for dinner near your chosen base  4- the coconuts you either handpick and somehow chop open or the ones left for you each morning outside your tent like mine were…

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